Avoid This When Your Smartphone is Wet

It’s common secret, water is the main enemy of various kinds of electronic devices, especially smartphones. Falling into the water or getting a drink spill is the worst nightmare of many smartphone users. To be sure, you will surely panic, angry, want to cry. All feelings of chaos mixed together. Before panic and rush to the service center to fix, the following ways you should avoid when the smartphone is wet.

– Do not Wear Hair Dryer
Although it can be a quick idea to dry a wet smartphone, using a hair dryer instead pushes water deeper. In addition, the heat of the hairdryer and electromagnetic jets from the hair dryer can add excessive heat to the phone and potentially could damage it.

– Put it into Rice
Many tips and tricks to overcome a wet smartphone suggest using rice for the drying process. Apparently, the particles of dust that often stick in the rice potentially get into the smartphone and harm its components. It’s a good idea to use a towel and put the wet smartphone into a sealed container along with silica gel.

– Do not Unload Smartphones
Unpacking the smartphone to open the inside is not recommended. Especially if your smartphone still has a warranty. Disassembling the inside can affect your warranty.

– Do not Use Oven or Microwave
Never put your smartphone in the oven or microwave. If the hair dryer is dangerous, putting it in a high-temperature oven is very forbidden for you to do. High temperatures can be harmful to electrical components that exist within the smartphone.

– Press Button or Shake Smartphone
Shortly after lifting from the water, try not to push the button on the smartphone. Not only that, you also can not shake the device. This should not be done to prevent water from entering the smartphone and spreading to other components.

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