Follow These Steps How to Drink Coffee For Health

A cup of warm black coffee in the morning is a daily ritual that is practically sacred to some of us. So much scientific research has confirmed that coffee habits are healthy for most people, and may carry a million health benefits. Starting from fighting depression in women, lowering the risk of stroke and prostate cancer for men, to offset the loss of muscle strength that occurs due to aging.

There are various ways to drink coffee. Usually, this is based on individual taste. Not everyone has the same way of drinking coffee because delicious is something that is subjective, can not be equated to everyone. For those of you who want to know more about how to drink good coffee for health, the following ways you can try at home:

– Avoid consumption of instant coffee
Some people definitely want instant allure, including drinking coffee. But, all the instant coffee that is widely circulated in the market with a one-time packaging model, it turns out to contain too much cream, sugar, and other mixtures. Drinks with a composition like this can lead to adverse effects on health, for an example is hypertension.

– Drinking good coffee is in the morning
Consuming coffee in the morning will make the stomach heartburn because caffeine stimulates and increases contractions in the intestine so that the feces will come out faster than usual. So that digestion is also smooth. However, make sure you eat breakfast or eat something first yes. So acid in your stomach is also not excessive and makes you uncomfortable.

– Drink less than 200 milligrams of coffee per day
Experts advise women to limit their caffeine intake. The recommended amount is less than 200 milligrams per day. The fact of a study shows that women who consume caffeine as much as 200 milligrams or more a day have twice the risk of miscarriage than those who do not consume caffeine. For those of you who are pregnant, also advised avoiding coffee first. You should know that consuming too much coffee for a few days will result in premature birth.

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