Guess Your Personality Based on Movies

Almost everyone likes watching movies. How not, you can forget for a moment your problems and be brought into a new world different from you. Moreover, you will be presented with your favorite actor or actress. But usually, each person has his taste in watching a movie. Anyone likes horror movies, comedy, or romantic. Apparently, this film genre can describe your personality and personality. So when you watch a movie genre that you do not like with someone, you can guess what the person’s nature is. Here’s the review:

– Horror
You know that to fight fear, you have to face it. You love to do harmful things and you enjoy the fear or the shock you feel. You do not care about people’s opinions on you.

– Musical
You are most likely to watch musical films such as High School Musical, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, Into the Woods, and The Sound of Music. This indicates that you are a sensitive person and filled with different emotions like happy, tired, sad, and angry. You also become very easy to empathize with the people around you. You are also confident and happy to be the center of attention.

– Sci-fi / Fantasy
You are an idealist. You believe that everyone is born with talent, so you always try to develop your talents. You love to find out the truth of a thing, and love to learn new things. You do not really like crowds.

– Animated children
You really enjoy movies like Minions, Big Hero 6, Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, and Inside Out. You understand the importance of living like a child full of joy, smile, laughter, and fun. You are also often considered unique by your friends but you remain confident and do not want to think bad about other people.

From those several genres of the film, is there any genre you like? Then, does it match the properties you have? Please reflect on your own.

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