How to Build A Happy Marriage? Follow These Steps!

Happy marriage until the end of life is the dream of all people. Indeed hope is sound cliché, but many couples who managed to maintain his love until old. But sometimes love comes suddenly, and just disappears. The key to keeping your relationship warm is to act as a friend. Romantic relationships are not only seen from how many travel tours that a husband and wife through. Precisely romance begins to form in our daily life. Being a friend is the basis of the strength of a relationship, then what are the ways to make your relationship strong?

– Keep communication
If you build good communication with friends, of course, you can also build good communication with your partner. Notice what the couple thinks, and feel, try to always ask his activities today. You can spend about 15 minutes each night, just for casual chatting.

– Try to understand the situation
Want to understand is a natural feeling. It is also true that we can not fully understand what our partner feels. However, try to always express support when he is upset or down. Can also provide constructive suggestions. Like advise, we must give first, just accept. Just as you must first understand his feelings, just understandable.

– Create a romantic tradition
Hugging and kissing are included in the activity of love, of course, this can increase the production of the hormone oxytocin. In addition to making you happy, this hormone also has effects such as forming empathy, trust in relationships, and feelings of being bound. You can do as many hugs and kisses, as long as it does not disturb the environment.

– Remember your initial commitment
When you have promised to be faithful and accept your partner both in good times and in distress, do it. You’re ready to marry means you’re ready to sign a lifetime contract with your chosen partner. Make your marriage commitments your ultimate foundation for maintaining the same kind of marriage relationship from the beginning of your wedding voyage.

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