Improve a girly room with the pink color

Pink is a girly color, romantic, and looks sweet, but using too much pink on the theme of room decor is not a wise idea. We need to combine this pink with other colors so that the nuances of the room do not look boring. Pink is available in various tone variants. Pink with a certain tone will look beautiful if collaborated with other colors. What colors are suitable combined with pink or pink? In the meantime, if you have a problem with lead-painted walls and fences, don’t hesitate to hire the reliable lead paint stripping brisbane.

The pink combination with pastel colors

The pastel pink color that is usually applied to the nursery is usually combined with other pastel colors, such as pastel blue, mint green, chick yellow and lavender or light purple. However, there is no need to present all these pastel colors at once, just combine pastel pink colors between one or two pastel color choices so as not to overdo it.

Pink with bright colors, why not?

On the color wheel, the colors belonging to bright colors are red, orange, and yellow. Choose one of the three colors, then combine it with pink. This combination of colors will produce a look that is bright, cheerful, and full of enthusiasm. The pink combination with bright colors is suitable to be brought into the room of a teenage girl.

Pink meets gray, what is the result?

Pink combined with gray will look more modern and cool to look at. This gray color will neutralize the effect of pink if this color has too dominated the room. The combination of pink and gray can be applied in any corner of the room, including in the bedroom, family room, living room, to the bathroom.

A mix of pink and cream

Cream that is juxtaposed with pink is very appropriate to be chosen as the color theme of the girls’ room or baby nursery. For that, you need to present this color in figures that are identical to the color pink, for example, the picture of strawberries or roses on the wall, then make the cream color as the background.

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