Learn more about the meaning of Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a great way to make statements privately. Prospective brides usually consider what flowers they will hold when walking towards the wedding altar. It’s because on a special day, the bride is the center of attention of the invited guests present. In order for the harmony of flowers, dresses, and atmosphere to be well conditioned, there is nothing wrong with planning from the beginning carefully. On the other hand, you can also check out the popular florists near you when you’re looking for the high-quality ramos de flores.

Have you ever wondered why many brides carry stephanotis flowers or tulips in their wedding bouquets (besides the fact that the flowers are so unique and beautiful)? The stephanotis star shape brings symbolic meaning to happiness in marriage and tulips which means luck in perfect love.

Many of these flower traditions are rooted in the conservative Victorian era when each flower is given symbolic meaning so that people can express their feelings without words. Armed with this, men no longer use love letters to express love, but with a bouquet of flowers that implies a special message. Therefore, learn the meaning of this popular wedding flower and enter a little history on your wedding day.

Here are some flowers with their meanings:

Lily of the valley = happiness
Calla Lily = Beauty
Freesia = Purity
Gardenia = Joy
Orchid = Love
Lilac = Sign of first love
Anemone = Hope

Choosing colorful flowers that match your wedding theme is a way to transform your flower bouquet later. If you choose white, you can add colorful decorations such as ribbons and fabrics for knick-knacks so that it will make your bouquet meaningful.

Flowers can speak. This expression is true. Another way to transform your flower bouquet is to choose a flower that suits your personality. For example, you can combine flowers for a bouquet according to your birth month, for example like Lily of the Valley with Chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum) because he was born in May and you in November.

Investigating history in your own family increases the personal incarnation factor of your bouquet. Suppose you choose peony flowers from your garden, or your family’s habits to use orchid flowers like when you had married before,

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