Part of the HVAC System That Functions as an Air Conditioner

The HVAC function is an air-conditioning facility to create environmental conditions in place to meet all technical requirements for the implementation of pharmaceutical activities. This HVAC system is used to control temperature, humidity, maintain room cleanliness, control microbial growth, maintain contamination of the environment, and security of personnel. Trane AC is one of the brands used in HVAC systems extra resources .

In general, the HVAC system has the following sections:

– Compressors
The working principle of a cooling machine in general, including HVAC, is to take heat from the cooling chamber for further removal of the heat. This is done by utilizing refrigerants such as Freon gas. Freon gas is pumped by the compressor so that its shape changes from the vapor phase to the liquid phase, this change is called the condensation process, the condensation process is always accompanied by the release of heat. Therefore hot liquid Freon immediately flows to the condenser, then the condenser is blown by air using a blower fan so that the heat produced is easily released into the air.

– Filters
Serves to filter particles out of the air so that the air becomes cleaner. Filters consist of various levels ranging from pre-filters, medium filters, HEPA filters to ULPA filters . The use of filters depends on the class of cleanliness of the room desired. In general, the more frequent the air exchange, the cleaner the air will be cleaner.

– Heating coil
Serves to reheat the air that has passed through the evaporator, so that the air is not too cold and to reduce its relative humidity (RH). Low RH is sometimes needed in addition to product stability also to control microbial growth.

– Ducting
Return duct is an air channel to drain air from the room to an indoor unit (indoor unit consists of a blower, evaporator, heating coil, filter), supply duct flows air from the indoor unit into the room.

Those are some parts of the HVAC system. This system is an air flow with more components to cool the temperature in the room.

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