These Stains Are Easy To Clean In A Simple Way

Having a clean and fragrant carpet is indeed the desire of the owner. Washing carpets requires special time, especially if you have a large carpet or carpet that covers all rooms. Using a vacuum cleaner alone won’t be enough. You may need carpet cleaning services, one of which can contact the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. Using a professional carpet cleaning service will provide many advantages, one of which is your carpet is maintained quality, not damaged, clean, and fragrant.


But sometimes you will be stuck in a situation where you have to clean the stain immediately. Maybe you don’t have time to contact the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. Therefore, we will provide simple tips for cleaning stains on a small scale, so you can clean it for a while:

– Softdrink stains
If the carpet is stained from a soft spill, clean it immediately before it becomes a permanent stain on the carpet. We can use the ammonia solution to clean it. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 150 ccs of water, spray the solution on the part of the carpet affected by soft drink stains, then dry it. If it is dry, pour a ½ tablespoon of dishwashing soap onto the stain then rub it slowly, rinse with clean water and dry it until it is completely dry.

– Alcohol stains
If the carpet is spilled with alcoholic drinks, immediately take a sponge and dip it in clean, warm water. Wipe the stain on the carpet with the sponge, then dry it with a sponge or dry cloth.

– Nail Polish and Lipstick
Because most carpets are made of natural materials, to remove these stains you can use a nail polish remover, which is nail polish remover or can use eye drops. After a few minutes, clean the stain with a dry white cloth.

– Cat or Dog Fleece
Cat fur or dog hair on the carpet can cause allergies. Clean the carpet by wetting the sponge then wipe your carpet, so that the pet hairs will stick to the sponge.

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