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Is your website costing you sales? Thinking of planning a new site or refreshing the one you have? Do you know WHAT you want to include on your site or even WHY? Knowing the questions you need to ask yourself to determine the most powerful elements is key to the success of any website.

We’ve all heard that a well-built website is essential for marketing. Yet, a well-tuned site plan still alludes many businesses. Your website can determine your authority amongst competitors and instill customer confidence to increase your conversion rate. But… it HAS to give your audience what they need to achieve both your goals and theirs.

Give yourself a solid plan by starting with the foundational pieces that are of absolute importance to your business’s online success. Now’s the time to start your 2021 marketing off on a strong footing with robust insight from Cathy Hofknecht, an experienced expert in the field of Web Design and Development!


  • Cathy Hofknecht, Founder and Managing Partner of Neu Concepts – Teaches you how to strategically identify the necessary pages and elements your website requires for business growth.
  • Angela McAfee, SEO Rocket – Host and Coordinator

Attendees will have the opportunity to present questions to be answered after the presentation. We promise a solid education session that can be used by business owners and marketers alike to promote any size business!


Master Your Content Marketing & Creation in 2021 [Webinar]

SEO Rocket Webinar Series Master Your Content Marketing & Creation in 2021! January 27, 2021?11:00 AM EDT We’ve?all heard “CONTENT IS KING” for site visitor conversion and foundational SEO. Yet, creating a?strategic content plan eludes?most marketers....

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Building Your Paid Ads Strategy [Webinar]

SEO Rocket Webinar Series Building Your Paid Ads Strategy October 28, 2020 11:00 AM EDT Don’t leave ad money on the table! Learn how to develop an effective paid ads strategy that aligns with your marketing...

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Building a Digital Strategy [Webinar]

SEO Rocket Webinars Build Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy August 26, 2020 11:00 AM EDT Are you ready to get serious and build a Digital Marketing strategy for your business? Angela McAfee and Tom Veltri of...

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